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1221 Ada in the Old Lift

16.10.2021Ada5:09 Minuten und 19 BilderBondage, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage

Ada explores the old warehouse and ends up getting tied up in the old lift. Standard!

Elbows tied whilst wearing a white bikini top and white skirt and sneakers.

More Attic shenanigans for Daphne. This time she is captured and tied to the rafters. How about a harness panel gag to keep her quiet this time? yes, but will she get free and find out who is doing all this capturing?

1317 Faye in the Wooden Chair

14.10.2021Faye5:28 MinutenCostume, Damsel In Distress, Shoes

New model Faye starts at AGB in her favourite cosplay outfit and finds herself tied to the wooden chair.

Ethel is playing the devil. Tie her up, and if she cant escape a wish will be yours.....but if she escapes....

Schlagworte: devil girl

Wearing a white dress Princess is tied to a chair in the dark. 

Schlagworte: halloween bondage, dress

1223 Ada in SPOOKY ATTIC Bikini Tie Up

09.10.2021Ada10:58 Minuten und 43 BilderDamsel In Distress, Hogtie, Shoes

Ada wants to know how it feels to be tied up in the spooky attic. Wearing bikini top and shorts and sneakers we do our best to let her find out....

Daphne is exploring the spooky attic some more. Does she ever learn? Seems all it needs to trap Daphne is an energy can. But who is using the cuffs on her???

Debut Set from the incredible Black Beauty.

She really is full of energy and wants to be tied up and gagged.

Better do a good job!

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