Katie, Jinx and Amber in '3 x Hogtie 0

It was a special day in AGB studios when three of the best new and rising stars of the fetish world came together for this shoot. So how do you start the day off? Well, Keep It Simple Stoopid, a simple three way hogtie, each with their own coloured rope and coloured ballgag, if only to stop them giggling. Fun! Did I mention TIMES 3!

  • 3 x Hogties
  • 3 x Tshirts
  • 3 x Shorts
  • 3 x Socks
  • 3 x Sneakers
  • 3 x Ropes
  • 3x Ballgags

Want 3 x altgirls to do a custom? altgirlsbound@gmail.com 

Kommentare und Bewertungen

Datum Benutzername Bewertung Kommentar
Sonntag, 23. März 2014, 11:34 Uhr BusyOlf ★★★★★ superb!
Mittwoch, 08. Juli 2015, 01:57 Uhr anonym ★★★★★ excellent unsurpassed
Donnerstag, 01. Oktober 2015, 21:04 Uhr anonym These 3 models and the props are nothing short of brillant. They are soooooo cute and the colours are sooooo wonderful. Which makes my regret at there not being a video all the worse... Maybe there's a chance to shoot them again... I can only hope. But... Thanks for this set forever!
Dienstag, 06. Oktober 2015, 23:20 Uhr Alt Girls Bound regrets..Ive had a few…and no vid for this is certainly one. This is from the very beginning when we didn't know we would need video. Doh!!
Mittwoch, 17. August 2016, 09:06 Uhr angelsrider ★★★★★ Kein Kommentar eingegeben
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