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1035 Strawberry in Jeans and Turtleneck taped in the attic

16.09.2021Strawberry Flamehead6:52 Minuten und 20 BilderBondage, Clip Request2021

Strawberry has some fun in the attic with some tape.

Schlagworte: tape bondage, jeans, socks

1070 Sandy in barefoot in Red

11.09.2021Sandy 9:57 Minuten und 35 BilderBondage, Clip Request, Shoes2021

What an outfit on an amazing bondage model.

Schlagworte: barefoot

1074 Sandy in Goth Cheerleader

19.08.2021Sandy 6:35 Minuten und 31 BilderClip Request, Costume, Upskirt
1074 Sandy in Goth Cheerleader 0

In the cutest outfit you cold imagina a goth wearing, Sandy gets tied to the ceiling.

1001 Amber in Fishnets at work

24.07.2021Amber Devine10:10 Minuten und 36 BilderClip Request, Rope Bondage, Secretary2021
1001 Amber in Fishnets at work 0

Amber did this custom about an office worker in her best suit and fishnets coming home and getting tied and gagged and rolling around in her living room. Gagged with a single strip of duct tape this is a beautiful set.

Schlagworte: fishnets, suit, heels, tapegagged

1057 Sweet in Tshirt and Socks hogtie

22.07.20215:41 Minuten und 24 BilderClip Request, Damsel In Distress, Redhead
1057 Sweet in Tshirt and Socks hogtie 0

Keep it classic, keep it simple. Sweet in socks on the sofa tied up.

Schlagworte: socks, bondage

1047c Space Hike Mia Part 3 Getting Home to Anija

02.07.2021Anija und Mia Valentine10:52 Minuten und 23 BilderBondage, Clip Request, Costume2021
1047c Space Hike Mia Part 3 Getting Home to Anija 0

mia cannot shut up about the audition. Anija is not impressed. Mia wants her attention so suggests Anija ties her up. Willingly, it seems....and theres a roll of tape handy.

1048 Anija and Mia in Tie us up Johnny

12.06.2021Anija und Mia Valentine12:47 MinutenBondage, Clip Request, Hogtie2021
1048 Anija and Mia in Tie us up Johnny 0

Anija and Mia are after some fun. So they demand AGB ties them up. So we do. And they love it.

Zara and Ethel Ziptied in the Attic 0

Two in trouble in zipties.


It a good option for those that want a monthly fix of just a few random sets.

Schlagworte: feet, zip ties
Jane Doe in Cheers for the Chair 0

All in black and tied to a chair. Altmodel heaven.

Schlagworte: flats, ballet flats
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