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Amber in Grey Skater Dress Hogtie

02.06.2020Amber Devine5:20 Minuten und 31 BilderBondage, Damsel In Distress, Hogtie

Some energetic fun from Amber in a hogtie and cleavegag.

Raina in Wrong Office

27.04.2020Raina5:23 Minuten und 34 BilderBondage, Hogtie
Raina in Wrong Office  0

Raina just need something to do on a lunch time. well, what better way to burn up that danish and latte from breakfast than a roll around on the office floor?

Amber in Cheerleader Bondage

04.04.2020Amber Devine5:19 Minuten und 43 BilderBondage, Damsel In Distress, Hogtie
Amber in Cheerleader Bondage 0

She doesnt cheer, shes a goth. She does stuggle though.

Anija in 'Leotard Hogtie' - Video and Stills

31.03.2020Anija6:16 Minuten und 31 BilderBondage, Hogtie
Anija in 'Leotard Hogtie' - Video and Stills 0

you know when you get to the end of the day and have run out of ideas for a shoot...then you just go back to basics, right? In the end it always turns out to be the best. Simple, hot badass model, plus skimpy leotard, plus sneakers, plus hogtie equals.....THIS!!!

Anija simply loves being tied up and struggling and in this set she gives it everthing. Rolling on the dirty attic floor Anija really looks fantastic.

  • rope
  • Leotardblouse
  • hogtie
  • sneakers
  • fishnets

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