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Amber in Stockings are Blue

13.03.2021Amber Devine4:02 MinutenNylon, Sensual, Stockings
Amber in Stockings are Blue 0

Its not all bondage bondage bondage here! Sometimes we take our time and simply see how things are set up. Here Amber shows us how she puts her vintage nylon stockings on. Lovely

Amber in Vintage Lingerie - Escape Challenge

19.12.2020Amber Devine10:24 Minuten und 24 BilderNylon, Rope Bondage, Stockings
Amber in Vintage Lingerie - Escape Challenge 0

Amber wanted a Challenge. So, wearing her beautiful vintage lingerie outfit including seamed nylons, Amber gets her wish. Lots of rope, lots of struggles!

Ethel in Vintage Bondage

28.11.2020Etheldreda Smith8:25 Minuten und 79 BilderDamsel In Distress, Nylon, Rope Bondage
Ethel in Vintage Bondage 0

We love vintage lingerie here at AGB, and so does Ethel. Lots of nylon and lots of rope. Elbows, chest, ankles and a hogtie before the heels come off to show those nylon soles.

Amber in Satans Star

22.10.2020Amber Devine5:34 Minuten und 35 BilderCostume, Fetish, Nylon
Amber in Satans Star 0

Halloween season is here and Amber is captured in the attic

Schlagworte: heels, babydoll

Scarlet Vintage

24.09.2020Scarlet7:20 Minuten und 27 BilderBondage, Fetish, Nylon
Scarlet Vintage 0

Scarlet rolls around in her favourite vintage underwear. Nylons and suspenders and bullet bra.


Katie in Snooper

30.07.2020Katie Danvers5:02 Minuten und 30 BilderBondage, Nylon, Office
Katie in Snooper 0

Fancy sponsoring a shoot? or going all the way with a custom shoot of your very own?

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Snow in Office Tedium

03.09.2019Snow8:50 MinutenBondage, Nylon, Secretary
Snow in Office Tedium 0

When things are quiet at work, when you get a little bored, when the boss is away.....

Mia in Messing Around

12.08.2019Mia Valentine5:22 Minuten und 44 BilderBondage, Nylon, Shibari
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