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Roxanne in Taped

17.09.2021Roxanne9:21 Minuten und 43 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Shoes2021


Jeans Jumper sneakers and a load of ducttape

1070 Sandy in barefoot in Red

11.09.2021Sandy 9:57 Minuten und 35 BilderBondage, Clip Request, Shoes2021

What an outfit on an amazing bondage model.

Schlagworte: barefoot

1013 Blouse and Fishnets Part 1 Mia

05.09.2021Mia Valentine11:07 MinutenBondage, Secretary, Shoes2021

Mia gets tied up in her blouse, skirt, fishnets and heels.

Sally Scarfoot in Ziptied to a chair

10.08.2021Sally Scarfoot6:47 Minuten und 23 BilderBondage, Shoes, Uniform2021
Sally Scarfoot in Ziptied to a chair 0

And she does it all by herself (nearly)

Schlagworte: ziptied, jumper

Robbyn in Ballet Flats

23.07.2021Robbyn Sholtz5:35 Minuten und 20 BilderBondage, Secretary, Shoes
Robbyn in Ballet Flats 0

Robbyn is bored in the office. In her red satin blouse and matching flat red shoes she gets tied up in her glasses and hair up.

1027a Amber in Green Dress Part 1 Ballet flats 0

Get on with it then. Tie me up. Hurry up!

1047 Mia in Space Hike Part 1  Putting the boots on (no bondage, just boots) 0

Mia gets ready for the audition by putting the Ranger Boots on. Gripfast are not slip ons and this takes ages....

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