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1030 Proserpine in Convention Distraction

31.07.2021Proserpine9:07 Minuten und 34 Bilder2021

Proserpine has been to a terrible comic convention. Dressed in a space outfit, she said it was rubbish. She need to destress, can you tie her up?

Schlagworte: barefoot

1055 Sweet in Barefoot Balltie

29.07.2021Sweet Cheeks13:05 Minuten und 45 BilderBarefoot, Bondage, Rope Bondage

Sweet is wearing a lovely gingham play suit and gets roped up bit by bit until she is in a lovely ball tie.

1014 Amber in a Marlin Tie

15.07.2021Amber Devine9:51 Minuten und 23 BilderBarefoot, Rope Bondage, Sweater Fetish2021
1014 Amber in a Marlin Tie 0

Ok, lets try something different. Ever caught a marlin? What about an altmodel?

1034 Strawberry in Attic chairtie

08.07.2021Strawberry Flamehead7:50 Minuten und 35 BilderBarefoot, Bondage, Damsel In Distress
1034 Strawberry in Attic chairtie 0

Strawberry is in the attic wearing jeans and a turtleneck, standard fayre now here on AGB. Lets tie her to a chair...

Roxanne in Blue!

07.07.2021Roxanne8:22 Minuten und 52 BilderBondage, Barefoot, Foot Fetish2021
Roxanne in Blue! 0

Barefeet and a hogtie

Schlagworte: hogtie, barefoot

1054 Sweet in Cross Ankle in Hogtie

24.06.2021Sweet Cheeks9:08 Minuten und 52 BilderBarefoot, Hogtie, Rope Bondage2021
1054 Sweet in Cross Ankle in Hogtie 0

Sweet gets hogtied in her jeans and a turtleneck tshirt. for customs with Sweet.

Jane Doe in Green Latex

21.06.2021Jane Doe10:19 Minuten und 23 BilderBondage, Latex
Jane Doe in Green Latex 0

Jane Doe in her wonderful green latex playsuit, ballet heels and a little bit of rope. What more could you ask for....well a ballgag of course! A matching green one??? Yay!! oh...and her shoes come off....

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1004 Amber in Turtleneck and Cuffs

19.06.2021Amber Devine7:53 Minuten und 60 BilderBarefoot, Handcuffs, Sweater Fetish2021
1004 Amber in Turtleneck and Cuffs 0

in the attic, a barefoot Amber gets busy with some cuffs and a gag. All excess energy is taken out on that cold steel. Awesome.

1006 Ermintrude in Surprise Package

29.05.2021Ermintrude De Havilland12:13 Minuten und 56 BilderBarefoot, Bondage, Hogtie
1006 Ermintrude in Surprise Package 0

Ermintrude want to surprise her BF with a package. Herself! Pleae tie her up to be found?

Zara in Blouse and Leather Cuffs

27.05.2021Zara Schumacher6:53 Minuten und 12 BilderBarefoot, Bondage, Secretary2021
Zara in Blouse and Leather Cuffs 0

Zara feels like messing around with some leather cuffs. after putting them on she is tied with a very short piece of red rope. Its pretty effective! 

Schlagworte: blouse, cuffs, barefoot
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