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Proserpine in Workwear Hogtie

06.06.2021Proserpine6:41 Minuten und 49 BilderBondage, Rope Bondage, Secretary
Proserpine in Workwear Hogtie 0

Proserpine has had a tough day at work, but somehow she finds the energy to let us tie her up!

From a custom. 

Snow in Office Tedium

31.05.2021Snow8:50 Minuten und 42 BilderBondage, Nylon, Secretary2021
Snow in Office Tedium 0

When things are quiet at work, when you get a little bored, when the boss is away.....

Zara in Blouse and Leather Cuffs

27.05.2021Zara Schumacher6:53 Minuten und 12 BilderBarefoot, Bondage, Secretary2021
Zara in Blouse and Leather Cuffs 0

Zara feels like messing around with some leather cuffs. after putting them on she is tied with a very short piece of red rope. Its pretty effective! 

Schlagworte: blouse, cuffs, barefoot

Strawberry in Desktop Services

23.05.2021Strawberry Flamehead11:10 Minuten und 20 BilderHogtie, Secretary, Tattoo
Strawberry in Desktop Services 0

Strawberry is bored at work. Looking theough the drawers she finds some very interesting items. This fantastic model is hogtied in the desk in a lovely blouse and skirt and heels.

Snow in Hogtie!

21.05.2021Snow7:19 Minuten und 56 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Secretary
Snow in Hogtie! 0

Snow is here again, doing what she does best, looking hot and hogtied. Wearing her 'office wear' blouse, skirt, hose and her pretty blue flats shoes, Snow gets lots of rope added to the ensemble including some tight elbow bondage and of course a hogtie. Snow is one of the best.

  • elbows tied
  • hogtie
  • bandana gag
  • skirt
  • flats
  • blouse


Fancy sponsoring a shoot? or going all the way with a custom shoot of your very own? 


Mia in Zipties

14.05.2021Mia Valentine9:39 Minuten und 31 BilderBondage, High heels, Secretary
Mia in Zipties 0

An early ser from Mia wearing heels, skirt a blouse and a bunch of cable ties.

Schlagworte: zip tie, cable tie, gagged, blouse

Ruby in Blue Blouse

23.03.2021Ruby Rubyov5:48 Minuten und 21 BilderBondage, Office, Uniform
Ruby in Blue Blouse 0


Ruby in a blue blouse and skirt get tied and gagged

Ethel under the desk

20.02.2021Etheldreda Smith4:31 Minuten und 39 BilderBondage, Shoes
Ethel under the desk 0

A gentle lunch time tie up for Ethel.



It a good option for those that want a monthly fix of just a few random sets.

Schlagworte: blouse, heels

Zara in Blouse and Hogcuffed

16.01.2021Zara Schumacher6:17 Minuten und 19 BilderBondage, Damsel In Distress, Handcuffs
Zara in Blouse and Hogcuffed 0


It a good option for those that want a monthly fix of just a few random sets.

Amber in Cuffs De-stress

01.01.2021Amber Devine6:48 Minuten und 15 BilderBondage, Handcuffs, Secretary
Amber in Cuffs De-stress 0

Amber demans you cuff her for a while, just so she can de-stress from work. Well, naturally, we oblige.

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