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Amber in 'All the Rope' Video and Stills

09.07.2021Amber Devine12:34 Minuten und 57 BilderBondage, Hogtie
Amber in 'All the Rope'  Video and Stills 0

Amber demands that all the rope available is used on her. Wearing her favourite stripper heels, extra long socks, shorts and bustier, Amber cannot wait for AGB to get ready, so starts putting the ropes on herself. Amber does OK getting her legs tied, but AGB needs to step in to finish the job. The highlight of the video must be Amber taking a break from wriggling in her hogtie to take a sip from the can on the floor, pure class. AGB decided that was the time a gag needed to be used....

  • black ballgag
  • shorts
  • stripper heels
  • hogtie
  • Rope, lots of rope
  • sofa 

Schlagworte: hogtie, bondage, rope, ballgag

Roxanne in Blue!

07.07.2021Roxanne8:22 Minuten und 52 BilderBondage, Barefoot, Foot Fetish2021
Roxanne in Blue! 0

Barefeet and a hogtie

Schlagworte: hogtie, barefoot

Ruby in Tennis Skirt

05.07.2021Ruby Rubyov4:59 Minuten und 41 BilderBondage, Hogtie

Katie in 'All the rope' - Video

29.06.2021Katie Danvers7:20 Minuten und 69 BilderBondage
Katie in 'All the rope' - Video 0

Katie Danvers was bored one day. Very bored. Theres only one thing that will crack this boredom, getting tied up. Luckily, a phone call from her friend arrives just in time. 'OK!' she exclaims when she's told what would pass the time...

Katie looks very comfortable on the sofa, wearing her stretchy jeans, t shirt and USA sneakers. At least 200ft of rope is then put around Katies wrists, ankles, legs and body. She's then left to struggle away, though she isnt trying too hard to escape, until she's told that she'll be left there for the afternoon....with added hogtie and ballgag.

  • sneakers
  • jeans
  • hogtie
  • ballgag
  • struggling

Also included are a couple of the shy (oh yes!) Katie struggles to say a single word bless, its lovely.


Anija in 'Leotard Hogtie' - Video and Stills

22.06.2021Anija6:16 Minuten und 31 BilderBondage, Hogtie
Anija in 'Leotard Hogtie' - Video and Stills 0

you know when you get to the end of the day and have run out of ideas for a shoot...then you just go back to basics, right? In the end it always turns out to be the best. Simple, hot badass model, plus skimpy leotard, plus sneakers, plus hogtie equals.....THIS!!!

Anija simply loves being tied up and struggling and in this set she gives it everthing. Rolling on the dirty attic floor Anija really looks fantastic.

  • rope
  • Leotardblouse
  • hogtie
  • sneakers
  • fishnets

Fancy sponsoring a shoot? or going all the way with a custom shoot of your very own? 

Jane Doe in Green Latex

21.06.2021Jane Doe10:19 Minuten und 23 BilderBondage, Latex
Jane Doe in Green Latex 0

Jane Doe in her wonderful green latex playsuit, ballet heels and a little bit of rope. What more could you ask for....well a ballgag of course! A matching green one??? Yay!! oh...and her shoes come off....

Fancy sponsoring a shoot? or going all the way with a custom shoot of your very own? 


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