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Jane v Mia in Sofa Sass

05.01.2019Jane Doe und Mia Valentine13:58 Minuten und 40 BilderBondage
Jane v Mia in Sofa Sass 0



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5 x Hogties Still and Video

15.05.2018Anija, Harley, Jane Doe, Jinx und Katie Danvers2:06 Minuten und 30 BilderBondage, Fetish, Hogtie
5 x Hogties Still and Video 0

Ok, ever had one of those days where all the planets fall into line (makes a change from the norm, right?) Well, this day was one of them. 5 of AGB's favourite models all free and in the studio looking for something to do....well, theres only one thing to get the days shooting off to a great start! 5 x HOGTIE! Featuring Jane Doe, Katie Danvers, Harley, Jinx and Anija all in theirs Jeans, t shirts and sneakers they all chose their own rope and gag colour scheme (it just has to match the ensemble, Dah-ling!). See them all struggle!

  • 5 x hot models
  • 5 x hogties
  • 5 x ballgags
  • 5 x sneakers
  • 5 x jeans
  • 5 x struggling
  • short video

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