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Kitty Quinzell in Tough Tied (Debut Set)

10.10.2020Kitty Quinzell5:45 Minuten und 29 BilderHogtie, Redhead

Why not start with a tough one??

Ankles crossed,elbows tied, hogtied, ballgag, then attached to the ceiling, Kitty makes her debut with a bang. A very tough tie and frankly she loved it.  

Mia in After work daydream

18.09.2020Mia Valentine12:29 Minuten und 73 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Office
Mia in After work daydream 0

Mia gets in after a hard day at work. Still in her work clothes of skirt, heels and red blouse, Mia starts to fantasize about being tied and gagged. Anything to stop her thinking about work, work, work.

She grabs her 'secret' stash of ropes and starts to play at tying herself up. But soon, a snooze overcomes her and the dreams come.....

Suddenly, she find herself tied and gagged, is this still a dream? well if it is a dream, then surely it would finish in a hogtie, right?

  • heels
  • blouse
  • skirt
  • ballgag
  • hogtie

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Scarlet in Red Chair - Video and Photos

07.09.2020Scarlet8:45 Minuten und 8 BilderBondage, Shibari, Shoes
Scarlet in Red Chair - Video and Photos 0

Scarlet makes her debut on AGB, and wow, what an entrance. Full of vim and vigour, Scarlet loves to struggle. Wearing the reddest zentai suit (hood down, superhero style), red ballet heels and red ballagag, scarlet is certainly, er, RED!

  • zentai
  • ballagag
  • ballet heels
  • chair bondage

Snow vs Crypt-onite 'The Desk - Video' FROM THE ARCHIVES

24.08.2020Crypt-onite und Snow13:09 Minuten und 133 BilderBondage, Fetish, Latex
Snow vs Crypt-onite 'The Desk - Video' FROM THE ARCHIVES 0

Cryptonite makes her debut on AGB, and what a debut it is. Appearing in regulation tshirt, shorts, leggings and sneakers, Crypt loves a scrap, but has she taken on the wrong opponent here?

Snow, also in tshirt, shorts, socks and sneakers is no pushover but iscaptured by Crypt, tied and gagged and put into a spinning chair. Victory? Not at AGB, Snow quickly recovers to turn the tables, well the desk anyway, and bring Crypt back for revenge. Snow hogties Crypt on top of the desk, ballgags her and smiles as she leaves her to struggle.

But, this being AGB, it isnt long before BOTH are tied and gagged and struggling.

  • Hogties x 2
  • Ballgags x 2
  • Strugging x 2
  • Shorts x 2
  • Sneakers x 2

This video also shows the outtakes, including 'the escape race' who wins!!!???

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Amber in One Take

23.08.2020Amber Devine4:51 Minuten und 21 BilderBondage, Rope Bondage, Shibari
Amber in One Take 0

Shot in one continuous take, Amber shows her love and enthusiasm for bondage. Lots of rolling and wriggling, does she get out of the ropes???

Anija v Katie in Armbinder part 2

17.08.2020Anija und Katie Danvers7:54 Minuten und 36 BilderBondage

Roxie in Dem Boots

03.08.2020Roxie Monroe11:52 Minuten und 19 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Rope Bondage
Roxie in Dem Boots 0

AGB gets suggestions all the time, but some of you out there go a bit further and actually send outfits, props etc. This time a pair of absolutely stonking Ranger Boots. Roxie loved them and made other models jealous that she got to wear them for this set. Using Lime Green rope to contrast the black leather boots, Roxie Ties hers boots and then adds brand new red panel ballgag.

Sweet Cheeks in Teal Rope Hogtie

21.07.2020Sweet Cheeks7:10 Minuten und 38 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Shibari
Sweet Cheeks in Teal Rope Hogtie 0

Sweet returns with even mnore new material.

Hogtied in teal rope.


Anija v Katie - Heads or Tails - Video and Stills

04.07.2020Anija und Katie Danvers5:21 Minuten und 53 BilderBondage, Shoes, Uniform
Anija v Katie - Heads or Tails - Video and Stills 0

How do you celebrate a holiday? Particularly one that, well, as a Brit, seems a little like you're not wanted anymore......

Easy!! Get two AGB models, dress them as waitresses, get them to decide who gets the red rope and who gets the black rope by the toss of a coin....HAPPY!!

Katie and Anija both get hogtied and gagged in their cute outfits, socks and sneakers shorts and tight tops.

  • 2 x hogties
  • 2 x gags
  • 2 x pairs of sneakers
  • 2 x shorts
  • 2 x pairs of socks
  • No chicken wings

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Mia in Attic Hogtie

03.07.2020Mia Valentine6:43 Minuten und 31 BilderBondage, Barefoot, Hogtie
Mia in Attic Hogtie 0

Theres low down and dirty, and then theres being hogtied on the floor of the attic in your bikini top. Mia returns for a feisty encounter with a harness ballgag, some shorts, sneakers and her favourite bondage, the hogtie.

Mia puts a  lot of effort into this one, even kicking off her dirty sneakers in an attempt to get her bare feet free of the ropes. The whiffle ballgag whistles as she breathes hard to get loose.

  • harness gag
  • sneakers
  • dirt
  • rope
  • hogtie
  • bikini

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