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Duct Tape Selfie - Photos and Video

11.08.2018 Crypt-onite 8:49 Minuten und 11 Bilder Bondage
Duct Tape Selfie - Photos and Video 0
Duct Tape Selfie - Photos and Video 1
Duct Tape Selfie - Photos and Video 2

Crypt storms into AGB towers HQ and demands to do everything by herself.....well how could we refuse. Wearing her white tneck tshirt, shorts, blue socks and blue sneakers Crypt starts by taping her legs together, ankles, knees, thighs, gag....but then it isnt long before AGB's help is needed. Wrapped nice and tight, Crypt shows all her strength wrestling with that sticky tape.....

  • tape
  • sneakers
  • socks
  • tapegag
  • self bondage
  • shorts

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Jinx in Waitress

11.11.2016 Jinx 12:37 Minuten und 79 Bilder Bondage
Jinx in Waitress 0
Jinx in Waitress 1
Jinx in Waitress 2
Jinx in Waitress 3
Jinx in Waitress 4

Anyone like hot wings!?

Jinx is dressed as a waitress for this set. Starting in rope and ballgag, Jinx shows off her uniform of vest, shorts, hose, socks and sneakers. The blue ballgag really looks great with her blond hair.

Then, a change, still a nice blue ballgag, but now with duct tape. Lots of rolling around trying to get out of those stubborn sticky strips!

Theres also a few photos of Jinx trying the massive new blue was a little too much for the video.....

  • ballgag
  • rope
  • chest harness
  • ducttape
  • rolling
  • sneakers
  • socks
  • waitress
  • an incredible urge to eat hot wings with an ale

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