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Cora in Waitress

29.05.2021Cora Vixen9:31 Minuten und 12 BilderBondage2021
Cora in Waitress 0

Fancy going to a restaurant?

Schlagworte: waitress, hooters girl

Koo in Waitress Hogtie

05.04.2021Koo5:05 Minuten und 39 BilderBondage, Costume, Rope Bondage
Koo in Waitress Hogtie 0

Koo wants to be tied and gagged. We want her tied and gagged.

Wearing the orange pants and extremely tight vest, Koo rolls around in her sneakers and socks tied and gagged with a big blue ballgag. It really is that simple. She doesnt get free and lets AGB know in no uncertain terms she is not pleased....

  • gag talk
  • rope
  • sneakers
  • socks
  • hogtie
  • ballgag...a big one



Schlagworte: sneakers, hogtie, waitress, rope

Crytp in Chicken please

14.02.2021Crypt-onite7:41 Minuten und 51 BilderBondage
Crytp in Chicken please 0

we love Chicken. We love waitresses too. We love waitresses who serve chicken best of all. The best of all, is waitresses who serve chicken, and who are tied up too.



It a good option for those that want a monthly fix of just a few random sets.


Mia v Anija - Waitress v Cheerleader

28.12.2020Anija und Mia Valentine8:26 Minuten und 42 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Uniform
Mia v Anija - Waitress v Cheerleader 0



Fancy sponsoring a shoot? or going all the way with a custom shoot of your very own?

Sweet in Wheres my Order, Waitress Bondage

16.09.2020Sweet Cheeks5:43 Minuten und 43 BilderBondage, Rope Bondage, Uniform
Sweet in Wheres my Order, Waitress Bondage 0

Sweet Cheeks doesnt seem to be able to take your order for the olympic all day breakfast with extra hash browns and black pudding.

Jinx in Waitress

13.06.2020Jinx12:37 Minuten und 79 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Costume
Jinx in Waitress 0

Anyone like hot wings!?

Jinx is dressed as a waitress for this set. Starting in rope and ballgag, Jinx shows off her uniform of vest, shorts, hose, socks and sneakers. The blue ballgag really looks great with her blond hair.

Then, a change, still a nice blue ballgag, but now with duct tape. Lots of rolling around trying to get out of those stubborn sticky strips!

Theres also a few photos of Jinx trying the massive new blue was a little too much for the video.....

  • ballgag
  • rope
  • chest harness
  • ducttape
  • rolling
  • sneakers
  • socks
  • waitress
  • an incredible urge to eat hot wings with an ale

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