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Found wandering around Liverpool docks picking up tabs from the gutter, Anastasia was left by a death metal band when they were on tour where she worked as roadie and sound engineer. THeir loss is our gain, as Anastasia is going to be an AGB sensation.

Updates mit Anastasia

Anastasia as the Captured Demon 0
06.10.2021Anastasia6:46 Minuten und 36 BilderBondage, High heels, Rope Bondage

Anastasia as the Captured Demon

anastasia in Barefoot Chairtie 0
13.02.2021Anastasia6:58 Minuten und 49 BilderBarefoot, Bondage, Foot Fetish

anastasia in Barefoot Chairtie

Anastasia in Barefoot Hogtie 0
09.01.2021Anastasia6:07 Minuten und 58 BilderBarefoot, Bondage, Hogtie

Anastasia in Barefoot Hogtie

Anastasia in Demons and Rope 0
24.10.2020Anastasia6:46 Minuten und 36 BilderCostume, Redhead, Rope Bondage

Anastasia in Demons and Rope