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There is no back data on this charming model. There is no knowledge of where she is from, what her mission is or how long she will stay. But whilst she is here we are delighted to know she wants to practice her kidnap escape maneouvres. Does not like music, films or fruit, particularly gooseberries. She lives on a diet of chocolate and courgette (Zucchini!) and drinks nothing but single malt whiskey.

Updates mit Etheldreda Smith

Ethel in Vintage Underwear 0
14.01.2021Etheldreda Smith8:25 Minuten und 79 BilderBondage, Shibari, Stockings

Ethel in Vintage Underwear

Ethel in Quick Cuffs 0
08.12.2020Etheldreda Smith7:42 Minuten und 34 BilderBondage, Fetish, Handcuffs

Ethel in Quick Cuffs

Ethel in Vintage Bondage 0
28.11.2020Etheldreda Smith8:25 Minuten und 79 BilderDamsel In Distress, Nylon, Rope Bondage

Ethel in Vintage Bondage

Ethel in Dangling Around 0
22.11.2020Etheldreda Smith5:56 Minuten und 51 BilderBondage, Rope Bondage, Shibari

Ethel in Dangling Around

Ethel in tennis skirt 0
05.11.2020Etheldreda Smith6:36 Minuten und 51 BilderClip Request, Foot Fetish, Rope Bondage

Ethel in tennis skirt

Etheldreda in Chair Tied 0
02.10.2020Etheldreda Smith5:13 Minuten und 25 BilderBondage, Fetish, Rope Bondage

Etheldreda in Chair Tied

Ethel in Cuffed to the Chair 0
26.09.2020Etheldreda Smith6:47 Minuten und 17 BilderBondage, Handcuffs, Secretary

Ethel in Cuffed to the Chair

Ethel in Skaterdress Sofa bondage 0
20.09.2020Etheldreda Smith4:54 Minuten und 47 BilderBondage, Hogtie, Rope Bondage

Ethel in Skaterdress Sofa bondage