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Loud. LOUD! really fucking LOUDLOUD LOUD. Not bubbly, LOUD!

Its always a whirlwind of excitement when Roxanne comes. We've shot with her in la-de-da artsy world before so was very happy she wanted to be on AGB. Thank goodness we have many gags lying around...

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Roxanne in Lunch 0
18.02.2019 Roxanne 8:20 Minuten und 20 Bilder Bondage
Roxanne in Lunch
Roxanne in Blue! 0
03.06.2018 Roxanne 8:22 Minuten und 52 Bilder Bondage, Barefoot, Foot Fetish
Roxanne in Blue!
Roxanne in Taped 0
14.03.2018 Roxanne 9:21 Minuten und 43 Bilder Bondage
Roxanne in Taped
Roxanne in Sofa and Jeans 0
07.12.2017 Roxanne 9:15 Minuten und 59 Bilder Bondage
Roxanne in Sofa and Jeans