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Ruby is a very quiet and demure lady, but dont be fooled. She spent 5 years exploring the Himalayas and learnt how to wrestle with a greased Yeti and how to tunnel through rock using her bare hands and a lollipop stick. Ruby loves having ropes try to restrain her. It is simply a silly joke of a challenge for her to escape. Her only weakness is Peanut butter. Its like Kryptonite to her.

Updates mit Ruby Rubyov

Ruby in Zipties 0
30.08.2021Ruby Rubyov7:12 Minuten und 19 BilderBondage

Ruby in Zipties

Ruby in Long Socks 0
11.08.2021Ruby Rubyov5:53 Minuten und 43 BilderBondage, Hogtie

Ruby in Long Socks

Ruby in Tennis Skirt 0
05.07.2021Ruby Rubyov4:59 Minuten und 41 BilderBondage, Hogtie

Ruby in Tennis Skirt

Ruby in Cuffs Roll 0
14.06.2021Ruby Rubyov7:03 Minuten und 7 BilderBondage, Office2021

Ruby in Cuffs Roll

Ruby in White Skirt 0
26.05.2021Ruby Rubyov4:24 Minuten und 40 BilderBondage, Rope Bondage2021

Ruby in White Skirt

Ruby in Jeans and Cuffs 0
21.05.2021Ruby Rubyov5:41 Minuten und 39 BilderBondage, Shoes, Handcuffs

Ruby in Jeans and Cuffs

Ruby in Blue Blouse 0
23.03.2021Ruby Rubyov5:48 Minuten und 21 BilderBondage, Office, Uniform

Ruby in Blue Blouse

Ruby in Red Jumper 0
09.03.2021Ruby Rubyov7:22 Minuten und 36 BilderBondage, Hogtie

Ruby in Red Jumper

Ruby in Chair Tied 0
24.11.2020Ruby Rubyov7:01 Minuten und 17 BilderBondage

Ruby in Chair Tied