Amber and Katie in 'The Web' VIDEO and STILLS 0

Amber and Katie have a few hours to burn, so they decide to be a little 'artistic' with the ropes they've found lying around. Theres a lot of rope lying around up there in the attic, so Katie devises a plan to put Amber into a web! Amber is wearing her favourite superhero dress, fishnets and sneakers, Katie a tshirt and jeans. Katie sets the web up and proceeds to tie Amber up...all done?? oh no, not nearly tight enough, so all the ropes are pulled a little tighter. Katie then decides that she'll go off to text her friends leaving Amber to struggle. Does Amber escape?

  • rope
  • on screen tying
  • fishnets
  • sneakers

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Comments and ratings

Date Username Rating Comment
April 19, 2014 18:05 BusyOlf ★★★★★ brilliant brilliant picture set!
August 16, 2016 22:59 angelsrider ★★★★★ no comment entered
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