Kitty Von Crypt in Vintage Bondage

2021-06-04Kitty Von Crypt9:14 minutes and 78 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Nylon
Kitty Von Crypt in Vintage Bondage 0

AGB has waitied a loooong time to get Kitty in from of the lens, and it was definitely worth the wait. An absolute bombshell altmodel, Kitty loves to be tied and brings her biggest squeakiest boots to wear with her vintage underwear. Terrific!

  • boots
  • ropes
  • chair
  • hogtie
  • No gag
  • stockings

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1016 Mia in Bad Day in Black Flats

2021-06-03Mia Valentine10:28 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Shoes2021
1016 Mia in Bad Day in Black Flats 0

Oh its been a bad day. Wearing a black skaterdress and black ballet flats, Mia NEEDS to be tied up, just to destress form the awful day she's had. And a gag, NOW!

Robbyn in Suit Sofa Bondage

2021-06-02Robbyn Sholtz9:01 minutes and 61 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Secretary2021
Robbyn in Suit Sofa Bondage 0

Robbyn returns and is as awesome as ever. Just her, a soda, socks and some ropes

Anija in No Laces

2021-06-01Anija6:46 minutes and 44 imagesBondage, Rope Bondage, Shoes2021
Anija in No Laces 0

Anija in her favourite sneakers, but they have no laces! 

Snow in Office Tedium

2021-05-31Snow8:50 minutes and 42 imagesBondage, Nylon, Secretary2021
Snow in Office Tedium 0

When things are quiet at work, when you get a little bored, when the boss is away.....

1060 Violet in Tshirt and Tape

2021-05-30Violet Valance8:58 minutes and 9 imagesBondage, Pantyhose
1060 Violet in Tshirt and Tape 0

Another new model Violet is wearing her tshirt and some tights and has some tape to work with. Excellent combo!

Cora in Waitress

2021-05-29Cora Vixen9:31 minutes and 12 imagesBondage2021
Cora in Waitress 0

Fancy going to a restaurant?

1006 Ermintrude in Surprise Package

2021-05-29Ermintrude De Havilland12:13 minutes and 56 imagesBarefoot, Bondage, Hogtie
1006 Ermintrude in Surprise Package 0

Ermintrude want to surprise her BF with a package. Herself! Pleae tie her up to be found?

Mia in Squeeky Boots

2021-05-28Mia Valentine5:15 minutes and 47 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Shoes2021
Mia in Squeeky Boots 0

MIA is back and has brought her big squeeky boots