Mia in Attic Hogtie

2020-07-03Mia Valentine6:43 minutes and 31 imagesBondage, Barefoot, Hogtie
Mia in Attic Hogtie 0

Theres low down and dirty, and then theres being hogtied on the floor of the attic in your bikini top. Mia returns for a feisty encounter with a harness ballgag, some shorts, sneakers and her favourite bondage, the hogtie.

Mia puts a  lot of effort into this one, even kicking off her dirty sneakers in an attempt to get her bare feet free of the ropes. The whiffle ballgag whistles as she breathes hard to get loose.

  • harness gag
  • sneakers
  • dirt
  • rope
  • hogtie
  • bikini

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LOCKDOWN Amber Bandana.

2020-07-01Amber Devine6:32 minutes and 9 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Foot Fetish

Roxie in Cheers!

2020-06-30Roxie Monroe8:55 minutes and 15 imagesBondage, Costume, Rope Bondage

Mia chair tied in the Warehouse

2020-06-28Mia Valentine5:11 minutes and 22 images
Mia chair tied in the Warehouse 0


Not in the job description but Mia gets left in the abandoned warehouse for her lunch hour.


Etheldreda Smith in Bodysuit Hogtie (DEBUT SET) 0

welcome to new model Etheldreda, Ethel for short.

bodysuit, fishnets, sneakers and some rope.

Amber in Cuffs Quickie

2020-06-22Amber Devine4:07 minutes and 29 imagesBondage, Handcuffs, Hogtie
Amber in Cuffs Quickie 0

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5 x Hogties Still and Video

2020-06-21Anija, Harley, Jane Doe, Jinx, and Katie Danvers2:06 minutes and 30 imagesBondage, Fetish, Hogtie
5 x Hogties Still and Video 0

Ok, ever had one of those days where all the planets fall into line (makes a change from the norm, right?) Well, this day was one of them. 5 of AGB's favourite models all free and in the studio looking for something to do....well, theres only one thing to get the days shooting off to a great start! 5 x HOGTIE! Featuring Jane Doe, Katie Danvers, Harley, Jinx and Anija all in theirs Jeans, t shirts and sneakers they all chose their own rope and gag colour scheme (it just has to match the ensemble, Dah-ling!). See them all struggle!

  • 5 x hot models
  • 5 x hogties
  • 5 x ballgags
  • 5 x sneakers
  • 5 x jeans
  • 5 x struggling
  • short video

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