Roxie in Socks

2019-05-01Roxie Monroe4:21 minutes and 23 imagesBondage, Shibari, Shoes
Roxie in Socks 0

Roxie does her best to balance in this dangle bondage wearing her lovely white socks and dirty sneakers

Roxie in Cuffs Quick

2019-04-26Roxie Monroe7:27 minutes and 11 imagesBondage, Fetish, Pantyhose
Roxie in Cuffs Quick 0

Roxie returns and gets straight into gagging and chaining herself on the sofa. All done in one take.

Snow in Waitress

2019-04-25Snow7:26 minutes and 46 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Uniform

Jane Doe in White Latex Hogcuff - Video and Stills

2019-04-15Jane Doe11:55 minutes and 31 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Latex
Jane Doe in White Latex Hogcuff - Video and Stills 0

Whoa! I think I'm spoiling you all this week. Jane Doe is back. IN LATEX, IN CUFFS, IN BALLGAG.... plus she does all of this all by herself, we just sit back and watch a true kinkster at work. Wearing skin tight latex and ballet heels Jane puts herself in a hogcuff.

  • cuffs
  • latex
  • ballet heels
  • hogcuff
  • ballgag 

Snow in Swivel Chair Shenanigans - Video and Stills

2019-04-08Snow8:12 minutes and 32 imagesBondage
Snow in Swivel Chair Shenanigans - Video and Stills 0

More crossover shenanigans. This time we have Snow, in a black turtleneck, in a chair, in a swivel! with her kitten heels soon kicked off so she can spin faster, Snow shows all of us what office furniture should be used for.

Howie, my bro, runs a website dedicated to turtleneck fetishes at You should definitely go see his stuff, its awesome. 

  • rope
  • tneck
  • gag
  • hose
  • flats 


Crypt in the ' Empty Office'

2019-03-27Crypt-onite5:53 minutes and 25 imagesBondage
Crypt in the ' Empty Office' 0

Crypt hates the world cup (Poland didnt qualify). so to  occupy herself whilst all that stoooopid footy is on, Crypt goes exploring. She soon find herself in an empty office near AGB HQ and pretty quickly gets in to trouble.....

Well, from the off in fact, tied and ballgagged, Crypt is soon hogtied and struggling in her leotard and knee high converse boots.

  • hogtie
  • office
  • boots
  • ballgag
  • no football 

Jessica vs Katie in Turtleneck Bondage 0

Another of Howie's excellent capers over at starring both Katie Danvers and Jessica Jones. Go over and see more of their stuff, its cool.

Tina Photo Collection

2019-01-25Tina Colada117 imagesBondage, Hogtie
Tina Photo Collection 0

4 sets of photos


Mia in the Attic Chair

2018-12-22Mia Valentine7:38 minutes and 28 imagesBondage
Mia in the Attic Chair 0


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