Flick bound in grey - A turtlenecktease production 0

Say hello to  Flick. This is a set made by Howie Wonders over on www.turtlenecktease.com and it's a great debut. Flick will appear in an AGB production in May. Lots of new models appear in that month. Watch out!

Cyrpt in Turtleneck and Rope

2021-05-17Crypt-onite7:08 minutes and 54 imagesBondage, Shoes, Sweater Fetish
Cyrpt in Turtleneck and Rope 0

So, this is where two worlds collide!

Anyhow, this set is good ol' Johnny's attempt at the turtleneck tease. Crypt was good enough to volunteer and wow, she does a great job. Looking fabulous in that tight fitting tneck, hose, ballet flats and ropes, Crypt squirms nicely and shows her appreciation and love for all things tneck.

  • tneck
  • rope
  • gag
  • hose
  • flats



Littlestone Quinn in Summer Dress Hogtie

2021-05-16Littlestone Quinn9:54 minutes and 39 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Shibari
Littlestone Quinn in Summer Dress Hogtie 0

Littlestone Quinn. In only sneakers and a dress she struggles like a demon in those ropes but only ends up getting hogtied! Tying her own feet and gag too. Ace!!

1050 Anija in Sweater and Jeans Barefoot

2021-05-16Anija10:04 minutes and 38 imagesBarefoot, Hogtie, Rope Bondage2021
1050 Anija in Sweater and Jeans Barefoot 0

Sometimes simple classic bondage is just the best. Anija, in the old Attic ties her barefeet together and gags herself with a bandana. AGB does the rest and Anija is left to roll around hogtied in the attic.

Anija is on twitter, https://twitter.com/AnijaSly

AGB is here and on https://www.patreon.com/altmodelsbound Patreon.

email altgirlsbound@gmail.com for customs, requests and ideas.

Katie, Jinx and Amber in '3 x Hogtie 0

It was a special day in AGB studios when three of the best new and rising stars of the fetish world came together for this shoot. So how do you start the day off? Well, Keep It Simple Stoopid, a simple three way hogtie, each with their own coloured rope and coloured ballgag, if only to stop them giggling. Fun! Did I mention TIMES 3!

  • 3 x Hogties
  • 3 x Tshirts
  • 3 x Shorts
  • 3 x Socks
  • 3 x Sneakers
  • 3 x Ropes
  • 3x Ballgags

Want 3 x altgirls to do a custom? altgirlsbound@gmail.com 

Roxie in Cheer Up

2021-05-14Roxie Monroe4:45 minutes and 30 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Pantyhose
Roxie in Cheer Up 0

Roxie in thick black hose/tights gets hogtied and gagged.


Mia in Zipties

2021-05-14Mia Valentine9:39 minutes and 31 imagesBondage, High heels, Secretary
Mia in Zipties 0

An early ser from Mia wearing heels, skirt a blouse and a bunch of cable ties.

Ethel in Barefoot Chairtie

2021-05-13Etheldreda Smith5:16 minutes and 41 images