The StraightJacket Part 5 - Scarlet - Photos and Video 0


Here at AGB we want to know if a 'themed' update where some of our badass babes take up similar challenges or outfits is a good idea. We have also heard rumours that some people like to see straighjackets on struggling ladies. So, to begin this 'experiment' we've got a collection of our hot models to try the challenge. We try to keep it simple at AGB (maybe for obvious reasons) and this is as simple as; one jacket, one gag, one rope and away you go.

Part 5 is Scarlet. Wearing fishnets and white sneakers, Scarlet really lets loose on the jacket, working up a sweat in her struggles. Classic stuff.

  • straightjacket
  • ballgag
  • sneakers

Please feel free to suggest a theme, be it waitress, white sneakers, business suit, latex, eating jelly beans off a tray whilst we will do this again in the next few weeks. 




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October 06, 2014 23:15 Alt Girls Bound Right. Everything should be working now
August 17, 2016 09:04 angelsrider ★★★★★ no comment entered
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