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3 for 3!

Its all about the zipties. Warning to photographers, dont get too close to impatient models who are holding zipties, you'll get a thwack!

Tina in Self Cuffed in Shorts

2020-10-06Tina Colada5:41 minutes and 19 imagesBarefoot, Foot Fetish, Handcuffs
Tina in Self Cuffed in Shorts 0

Tina deceides to waste a few minutes hogcuffing herself.

Amber vs Roxie in Cuff Wars

2020-09-23Amber Devine and Roxie Monroe8:58 minutes and 29 imagesBarefoot, Foot Fetish, Handcuffs
Amber vs Roxie in Cuff Wars 0

OK, lets have some fun. Handcuffs, check, legcuffs, check, two models, check. Then hogcuff them and then cuff the chains together and see what happens.

Lots of hands and feet flying around, it reminded us of a creature from the thing!

Willow in Tabletop Barefoot Hogtie

2020-09-13Willow6:52 minutes and 73 imagesBondage, Foot Fetish, Hogtie
Willow in Tabletop Barefoot Hogtie 0

Willow makes her debut set here on AGB. First time ever to be tied, Willow goes straight for a barefoot hogtie with a bandana cleavegag.

3 x Barefoot Hogties Anija, Amber and Roxie (foot fetish custom request) 0

Have a request? Happy to contribute to a part of the cost? then get in touch!

Heres one, three models, all barefoot, all gagged, all hogtied.

Amber hogtied in Sweater and Barefeet

2020-09-09Amber Devine8:35 minutes and 54 imagesFoot Fetish, Hogtie, Rope Bondage
Amber hogtied in Sweater and Barefeet 0

barefoot and hogtied, Amber in her colourful sweater

Handcuff Races - Amber vs Anija 0

Roxie referees this debut Handcuff Race. Rules are simple, Roxie lays the cuffs on and sets the keys on the ground just out of reach. First to get free gets the treat! Who will win???