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1013 Blouse and Fishnets Part 1 Mia

2021-09-05Mia Valentine11:07 minutesBondage, Secretary, Shoes2021
1013 Blouse and Fishnets Part 1 Mia 0

Mia gets tied up in her blouse, skirt, fishnets and heels.

Snow in Red Rope

2021-08-31Snow5:32 minutes and 31 imagesBondage, Secretary2021

1043 Amber and Roxie in Better Call AGB

2021-08-21Amber Devine and Roxie Monroe13:38 minutes and 14 imagesBondage, Redhead, Secretary
1043 Amber and Roxie in Better Call AGB 0

Work, as ever is boring. Amber needs a pick me up. better call AGB! The response is instant and thrilling. She is quickly tied up on the desk in her blouse and leather skirt. A ballgag is also used.

1009 Ermintrude in Librarians Lament 0

Ermintrude has had a heck of a day. So many late books, so many talkings in the library. She needs a destress session. Pleae, just tie her to the chair and let her wriggle....

1001 Amber in Fishnets at work

2021-07-24Amber Devine10:10 minutes and 36 imagesClip Request, Rope Bondage, Secretary2021
1001 Amber in Fishnets at work 0

Amber did this custom about an office worker in her best suit and fishnets coming home and getting tied and gagged and rolling around in her living room. Gagged with a single strip of duct tape this is a beautiful set.

Robbyn in Ballet Flats

2021-07-23Robbyn Sholtz5:35 minutes and 20 imagesBondage, Secretary, Shoes
Robbyn in Ballet Flats 0

Robbyn is bored in the office. In her red satin blouse and matching flat red shoes she gets tied up in her glasses and hair up.

Robbyn in Red Heels

2021-06-15Robbyn Sholtz6:40 minutes and 27 imagesBondage, Secretary, Shoes2021
Robbyn in Red Heels 0

Robbyn is having a break at work and gets tied and then gagged with her own scarf. 

Proserpine in Workwear Hogtie

2021-06-06Proserpine6:41 minutes and 49 imagesBondage, Rope Bondage, Secretary
Proserpine in Workwear Hogtie 0

Proserpine has had a tough day at work, but somehow she finds the energy to let us tie her up!

From a custom. 

Robbyn in Suit Sofa Bondage

2021-06-02Robbyn Sholtz9:01 minutes and 61 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Secretary2021
Robbyn in Suit Sofa Bondage 0

Robbyn returns and is as awesome as ever. Just her, a soda, socks and some ropes

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