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Mia in Zip Chair

2020-10-20Mia Valentine4:26 minutes and 6 imagesBondage, Secretary, Shoes

Princess in the Grey Dress and Cuffs

2020-10-14Princess Rose5:09 minutes and 29 imagesBondage, Handcuffs, Shoes

Robbyn in Ballet Flats

2020-10-04Robbyn Sholtz5:35 minutesBondage, Secretary, Shoes
Robbyn in Ballet Flats 0

Robbyn is bored in the office. In her red satin blouse and matching flat red shoes she gets tied up in her glasses and hair up.

Scarlet in Red Chair - Video and Photos

2020-09-07Scarlet8:45 minutes and 8 imagesBondage, Shibari, Shoes
Scarlet in Red Chair - Video and Photos 0

Scarlet makes her debut on AGB, and wow, what an entrance. Full of vim and vigour, Scarlet loves to struggle. Wearing the reddest zentai suit (hood down, superhero style), red ballet heels and red ballagag, scarlet is certainly, er, RED!

  • zentai
  • ballagag
  • ballet heels
  • chair bondage

Harley MEga Collection

2020-07-17Harley394 imagesBondage, Shibari, Shoes
Harley MEga Collection 0

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NEW MODELS ZARA and CAPRI in double hogtie

2020-07-05Capri Mascarpone and Zara Schumacher6:13 minutes and 20 imagesFetish, Hogtie, Shoes
NEW MODELS ZARA and CAPRI in double hogtie 0

New models meet, get ballgagged and then hogtied. Friendship formed!


Anija v Katie - Heads or Tails - Video and Stills

2020-07-04Anija and Katie Danvers5:21 minutes and 53 imagesBondage, Shoes, Uniform
Anija v Katie - Heads or Tails - Video and Stills 0

How do you celebrate a holiday? Particularly one that, well, as a Brit, seems a little like you're not wanted anymore......

Easy!! Get two AGB models, dress them as waitresses, get them to decide who gets the red rope and who gets the black rope by the toss of a coin....HAPPY!!

Katie and Anija both get hogtied and gagged in their cute outfits, socks and sneakers shorts and tight tops.

  • 2 x hogties
  • 2 x gags
  • 2 x pairs of sneakers
  • 2 x shorts
  • 2 x pairs of socks
  • No chicken wings

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Mia in Table Top Hogtie

2020-06-14Mia Valentine5:19 minutes and 53 imagesHogtie, Shibari, Shoes