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Robbyn in Red Heels

2021-06-15Robbyn Sholtz6:40 minutes and 27 imagesBondage, Secretary, Shoes2021

Robbyn is having a break at work and gets tied and then gagged with her own scarf. 

1016 Mia in Bad Day in Black Flats

2021-06-03Mia Valentine10:28 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Shoes2021
1016 Mia in Bad Day in Black Flats 0

Oh its been a bad day. Wearing a black skaterdress and black ballet flats, Mia NEEDS to be tied up, just to destress form the awful day she's had. And a gag, NOW!

Anija in No Laces

2021-06-01Anija6:46 minutes and 44 imagesBondage, Rope Bondage, Shoes2021
Anija in No Laces 0

Anija in her favourite sneakers, but they have no laces! 

Mia in Squeeky Boots

2021-05-28Mia Valentine5:15 minutes and 47 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Shoes2021
Mia in Squeeky Boots 0

MIA is back and has brought her big squeeky boots

Tina Colada in Green

2021-05-24Tina Colada7:46 minutesBondage, High heels, Shoes2021
Tina Colada in Green  0

Green green must be seen, especially in a red harness gag....cue quite a lot of drool.....


Tina stars in this lovely ditty

Ruby in Jeans and Cuffs

2021-05-21Ruby Rubyov5:41 minutes and 39 imagesBondage, Shoes, Handcuffs
Ruby in Jeans and Cuffs 0

Ruby gets to work with some cuffs.

Cyrpt in Turtleneck and Rope

2021-05-17Crypt-onite7:08 minutes and 54 imagesBondage, Shoes, Sweater Fetish
Cyrpt in Turtleneck and Rope 0

So, this is where two worlds collide!

Anyhow, this set is good ol' Johnny's attempt at the turtleneck tease. Crypt was good enough to volunteer and wow, she does a great job. Looking fabulous in that tight fitting tneck, hose, ballet flats and ropes, Crypt squirms nicely and shows her appreciation and love for all things tneck.

  • tneck
  • rope
  • gag
  • hose
  • flats


Mia in Red Carpet

2021-04-26Mia Valentine5:05 minutes and 19 imagesBondage, Rope Bondage, Shoes
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