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Mia in Squeeky Boots

2019-06-10 Mia Valentine 5:15 minutes and 47 images Bondage, Hogtie, Shoes
Mia in Squeeky Boots 0
Mia in Squeeky Boots 1
Mia in Squeeky Boots 2

MIA is back and has brought her big squeeky boots

Crypt in the ' Empty Office'

2019-03-28 Crypt-onite 5:53 minutes and 25 images Bondage
Crypt in the ' Empty Office' 0
Crypt in the ' Empty Office' 1
Crypt in the ' Empty Office' 2
Crypt in the ' Empty Office' 3
Crypt in the ' Empty Office' 4

Crypt hates the world cup (Poland didnt qualify). so to  occupy herself whilst all that stoooopid footy is on, Crypt goes exploring. She soon find herself in an empty office near AGB HQ and pretty quickly gets in to trouble.....

Well, from the off in fact, tied and ballgagged, Crypt is soon hogtied and struggling in her leotard and knee high converse boots.

  • hogtie
  • office
  • boots
  • ballgag
  • no football

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Roxie in Dem Boots

2017-09-01 Roxie Monroe 11:52 minutes and 19 images Bondage
Roxie in Dem Boots 0
Roxie in Dem Boots 1
Roxie in Dem Boots 2
Roxie in Dem Boots 3
Roxie in Dem Boots 4

AGB gets suggestions all the time, but some of you out there go a bit further and actually send outfits, props etc. This time a pair of absolutely stonking Ranger Boots. Roxie loved them and made other models jealous that she got to wear them for this set. Using Lime Green rope to contrast the black leather boots, Roxie Ties hers boots and then adds brand new red panel ballgag.