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Ruby in Cuffs Roll

2021-06-14Ruby Rubyov7:03 minutes and 7 imagesBondage, Office2021

One way of passing a lunch time lull

Mia in Clap for Rope

2021-06-09Mia Valentine6:23 minutes and 29 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Shibari

Strawberry in Desktop Services

2021-05-23Strawberry Flamehead11:10 minutes and 20 imagesHogtie, Secretary, Tattoo
Strawberry in Desktop Services 0

Strawberry is bored at work. Looking theough the drawers she finds some very interesting items. This fantastic model is hogtied in the desk in a lovely blouse and skirt and heels.

Mia in Magicians Assistant Interview Practice

2021-05-06Mia Valentine17:38 minutes and 38 imagesBondage, Fetish, Rope Bondage
Mia in Magicians Assistant Interview Practice 0

Mai practices some escapology for a magicians assistants role. 

snow in Zentai

2021-04-30Snow6:51 minutes and 105 imagesBondage, Blonde, Costume
snow in Zentai 0

Fancy sponsoring a shoot? or going all the way with a custom shoot of your very own? see for more details or contact



Amber in Katie's Cuffs

2021-03-11Amber Devine and Katie Danvers7:20 minutes and 23 imagesBondage
Amber in Katie's Cuffs 0

KAtie aint standing for AMber's bratishness anymore. Funny thing is, Amber will be standing, just not very easily. Wearing her skyscraper heels, long socks and shorts, Amber has her cuffed hands pulled up by Katie an a very uncomfortable strappado. The bandana gag stops anymore nonsense coming from Amber. Good job KAtie!!

  • Strappado
  • cuffs
  • bandana
  • heels
  • rope 

Sophia Smith in Green dress Chair tied

2021-03-06Sophia Smith5:29 minutes and 29 imagesBondage, Role Play, Rope Bondage
Sophia Smith in Green dress Chair tied 0

Sophia Smith gets angry at being tied to a chair. Is there a reason why this would happen to a well-to-do lady?

Crypt in DingleDangle - Video and Stills

2021-03-05Crypt-onite5:55 minutes and 75 imagesBondage, High heels
Crypt in DingleDangle - Video and Stills 0

Crypt is here to show off her pole skills, but with her hands tied together. True stregth and agility is shown here but is it enough to get free??? Wearing a black bikini, heels and pentagram harnesses, crypt is tied to overhead pipes with black rope by her wrists...and one ankle! Crypt hops and twists and turns in an attempt to get free while wearing a black ballgag.

A short extra video simply had to be included, showing Crypt warming up but turning upside down using only her off!!

  • black rope
  • heels
  • bikini
  • one leg
  • ballgag 

Ethel under the desk

2021-02-20Etheldreda Smith4:31 minutes and 39 imagesBondage, Shoes
Ethel under the desk 0

A gentle lunch time tie up for Ethel.



It a good option for those that want a monthly fix of just a few random sets.

Tags: blouse, heels
Katie Danvers - AGB Allstar video 0

All the best from Katie Danvers. Rope, gags, heels, sneakers....

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