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Raina in Lunchtime Cuffs session

2021-08-02Raina8:48 minutes and 26 imagesBondage, Hogtie

Raina in jeans and sofa

2021-07-19Raina8:08 minutes and 60 imagesBondage, Hogtie2021

Its sofa time again and Raina is on form in this hogtie.

1022 Amber and Anija in Tape for Two

2021-07-17Amber Devine and Anija13:28 minutes and 30 imagesBarefoot, Bondage2021
1022 Amber and Anija in Tape for Two 0

Not one but two alt models in turtlenecks and jeans barefoot and tied with tape. Excellent. Anija challenges amber to an escape challenge. 

Katie in 'All the rope' - Video

2021-06-29Katie Danvers7:20 minutes and 69 imagesBondage
Katie in 'All the rope' - Video 0

Katie Danvers was bored one day. Very bored. Theres only one thing that will crack this boredom, getting tied up. Luckily, a phone call from her friend arrives just in time. 'OK!' she exclaims when she's told what would pass the time...

Katie looks very comfortable on the sofa, wearing her stretchy jeans, t shirt and USA sneakers. At least 200ft of rope is then put around Katies wrists, ankles, legs and body. She's then left to struggle away, though she isnt trying too hard to escape, until she's told that she'll be left there for the afternoon....with added hogtie and ballgag.

  • sneakers
  • jeans
  • hogtie
  • ballgag
  • struggling

Also included are a couple of the shy (oh yes!) Katie struggles to say a single word bless, its lovely.


1002 Amber in Shiny Pants and Carolina TShirt

2021-06-13Amber Devine14:34 minutes and 65 imagesBondage, Rope Bondage, Shibari2021
1002 Amber in Shiny Pants and Carolina TShirt 0

Amber is wearing a fantastic outfit. THe shiny jeans are outstanding with white popsocks and a cool T. Just need to add some bondage for a perfect evening!

1006 Ermintrude in Surprise Package

2021-05-29Ermintrude De Havilland12:13 minutes and 56 imagesBarefoot, Bondage, Hogtie
1006 Ermintrude in Surprise Package 0

Ermintrude want to surprise her BF with a package. Herself! Pleae tie her up to be found?

Ruby in Jeans and Cuffs

2021-05-21Ruby Rubyov5:41 minutes and 39 imagesBondage, Shoes, Handcuffs
Ruby in Jeans and Cuffs 0

Ruby gets to work with some cuffs.

1050 Anija in Sweater and Jeans Barefoot

2021-05-16Anija10:04 minutes and 38 imagesBarefoot, Hogtie, Rope Bondage2021
1050 Anija in Sweater and Jeans Barefoot 0

Sometimes simple classic bondage is just the best. Anija, in the old Attic ties her barefeet together and gags herself with a bandana. AGB does the rest and Anija is left to roll around hogtied in the attic.

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