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Zara in Barefoot Turtleneck Tape Up

2020-11-29Zara Schumacher6:50 minutes and 28 imagesBarefoot, Bondage, Foot Fetish

 A new standard uniform at AGB. Turtleneck sweater, tight jeans, barefeet, badass model and lots of tape.

Mia in Socks Sass Success

2020-11-08Mia Valentine5:47 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Rope Bondage
Mia in Socks Sass Success 0

Mia has shit to do, and she lets you know so. No time for these stupid rope games.....

Sophia Smith in Classic Ballgagged Hogtie (Debut Set) 0

Sophia makes her debut on AGB with a classic. Turtleneck sweater, tight jeans and sneakers. What else is needed? Just some ropes and a gag, right? Too right.

Sophia Smith in Jeans and ducttape barefoot 0

Oi Oi!


Roll up Roll up, come and see the new to us model. Sophia Smith is in the house.....


Willow in Tabletop Barefoot Hogtie

2020-09-13Willow6:52 minutes and 73 imagesBondage, Foot Fetish, Hogtie
Willow in Tabletop Barefoot Hogtie 0

Willow makes her debut set here on AGB. First time ever to be tied, Willow goes straight for a barefoot hogtie with a bandana cleavegag.

Robbyn in Crop top

2020-09-10Robbyn Sholtz7:38 minutes and 9 imagesBondage
Robbyn in Crop top 0

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Anija v Katie in Armbinder part 2

2020-08-17Anija and Katie Danvers7:54 minutes and 36 imagesBondage

Mia in Table Top Hogtie

2020-06-14Mia Valentine5:19 minutes and 53 imagesHogtie, Shibari, Shoes

Katie in Hanging Around

2020-05-23Katie Danvers4:20 minutes and 10 imagesBondage, Fetish