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Anija in 'Leotard Hogtie' - Video and Stills

2021-06-22Anija6:16 minutes and 31 imagesBondage, Hogtie

you know when you get to the end of the day and have run out of ideas for a shoot...then you just go back to basics, right? In the end it always turns out to be the best. Simple, hot badass model, plus skimpy leotard, plus sneakers, plus hogtie equals.....THIS!!!

Anija simply loves being tied up and struggling and in this set she gives it everthing. Rolling on the dirty attic floor Anija really looks fantastic.

  • rope
  • Leotardblouse
  • hogtie
  • sneakers
  • fishnets

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Mia in Clap for Rope

2021-06-09Mia Valentine6:23 minutes and 29 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Shibari
Flick bound in grey - A turtlenecktease production 0

Say hello to  Flick. This is a set made by Howie Wonders over on and it's a great debut. Flick will appear in an AGB production in May. Lots of new models appear in that month. Watch out!

Katie, Jinx and Amber in '3 x Hogtie 0

It was a special day in AGB studios when three of the best new and rising stars of the fetish world came together for this shoot. So how do you start the day off? Well, Keep It Simple Stoopid, a simple three way hogtie, each with their own coloured rope and coloured ballgag, if only to stop them giggling. Fun! Did I mention TIMES 3!

  • 3 x Hogties
  • 3 x Tshirts
  • 3 x Shorts
  • 3 x Socks
  • 3 x Sneakers
  • 3 x Ropes
  • 3x Ballgags

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Katie Danvers in 'Attic Wars' a May 4th Special - Stills and Video 0

A long time ago in an attic not so far away....

Katie Danvers as you've never seen her before....

A galactic princess goes looking for her sister in the attic of the interstellar cruiser on route to the coronation. Little does she know, that her twin sister, younger by only minutes but second in line to the crown has other plans...


  • ROPE

Footy Fever!!!! - Video and Photos (plus bonus video)

2021-04-20Anija, Jessica Jones, and Jinx8:16 minutes and 34 imagesBondage, Hogtie
Footy Fever!!!! - Video and Photos (plus bonus video) 0

When is The World Cup!!!

Three of the best, including AGB star Jessica, decide to have a little competiton...a HOGTIE competition. each pic their favourite team, get tied up, and last to escape is the loser.....well, sort of.

Wearing the tshirts, shorts, socks, and sneakers and colour co-ordinated cleave gag bandanas, the three world cup hopefuls really go for it in an attempt to escape......

  • bondage
  • rope
  • hogties x 3
  • sneakers
  • shorts
  • gags

BONUS VIDEO.......ok, so someone dropped the mic during the escape scene so unlike the very noisy main video, this has NO SOUND. Still, we thought you'd want to see the result of the match up...who wins?????????????


Fetisha in Purple Rope and Socks - Video and Stills

2021-04-13Fetisha9:14 minutes and 36 imagesBondage, Rope Bondage
Fetisha in Purple Rope and Socks - Video and Stills 0

Welcome Fetisha to the site, a fantastic model making her debut. We are blessed here at AGB with our models and Fetisha is no exception. The longest legs we've ever seen and the only ones that these socks fit perfectly, Fetisha starts off with a pentagram tie with purple rope that quickly turns into a hogtie. A bandana cleave gag is added and really looks fantastic.

  • cleave gag
  • hogtie
  • socks
  • rope
  • bandana
  • purple


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Tags: socks, rope

Koo in Waitress Hogtie

2021-04-05Koo5:05 minutes and 39 imagesBondage, Costume, Rope Bondage
Koo in Waitress Hogtie 0

Koo wants to be tied and gagged. We want her tied and gagged.

Wearing the orange pants and extremely tight vest, Koo rolls around in her sneakers and socks tied and gagged with a big blue ballgag. It really is that simple. She doesnt get free and lets AGB know in no uncertain terms she is not pleased....

  • gag talk
  • rope
  • sneakers
  • socks
  • hogtie
  • ballgag...a big one



Robbyn Sholtz in First Hogtie

2021-03-29Robbyn Sholtz10:12 minutes and 68 imagesBondage
Robbyn Sholtz in First Hogtie 0

Despite her European upbringing, it seems Robbyn had never been hogtied before. Well AGB is clearly the perfect place to start and Robyn went straight for the tneck, shorts, sneakers, rope and ballgag combo. Excellent start.

Crypt in DingleDangle - Video and Stills

2021-03-05Crypt-onite5:55 minutes and 75 imagesBondage, High heels
Crypt in DingleDangle - Video and Stills 0

Crypt is here to show off her pole skills, but with her hands tied together. True stregth and agility is shown here but is it enough to get free??? Wearing a black bikini, heels and pentagram harnesses, crypt is tied to overhead pipes with black rope by her wrists...and one ankle! Crypt hops and twists and turns in an attempt to get free while wearing a black ballgag.

A short extra video simply had to be included, showing Crypt warming up but turning upside down using only her off!!

  • black rope
  • heels
  • bikini
  • one leg
  • ballgag 

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