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Kitty Von Crypt in Vintage Bondage

2021-06-04Kitty Von Crypt9:14 minutes and 78 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Nylon
Kitty Von Crypt in Vintage Bondage 0

AGB has waitied a loooong time to get Kitty in from of the lens, and it was definitely worth the wait. An absolute bombshell altmodel, Kitty loves to be tied and brings her biggest squeakiest boots to wear with her vintage underwear. Terrific!

  • boots
  • ropes
  • chair
  • hogtie
  • No gag
  • stockings

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1006 Ermintrude in Valentines Surprise

2021-02-13Ermintrude De Havilland12:13 minutes and 56 imagesBarefoot, Hogtie, Rope Bondage
1006 Ermintrude in Valentines Surprise 0

Ermintrude needs your help. She wants to surprise her boyfriend on Valentine's by being found all tied up. Well, we can help with that right!?

She takes her keds and socks off and starts the tie up herself. Wearing jeans and a black turtleneck sweater she soon needs our help to get the hogtie. Tight ropes do the job.

Ermintrude is an awesome bondage model.


Sophia Smith in Ropes or Cinema

2020-11-21Sophia Smith8:12 minutes and 43 imagesRole Play, Rope Bondage, Shibari
Sophia Smith in Ropes or Cinema 0

Sophia wants to go to the cinema, no problem, but can we just do this thing first.....?

Harley MEga Collection

2020-07-17Harley394 imagesBondage, Shibari, Shoes
Harley MEga Collection 0

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Katie v Anija in the Attic part 2 - Video and Stills

2019-05-05Anija and Katie Danvers8:16 minutes and 15 imagesBondage
Katie v Anija in the Attic part 2 - Video and Stills 0

this feud looks like it will go on forever....this time Anija is free and decides to exact her revenge on Katie by tying her to the chair in the attic. For no apparent reason Anija does some of this whilst wearing a ballgag herself...ah well. Of course, Katie doesnt make it easy at first, but a quiet word from Anija settles Katie down and the tying begins.

Katie wears her favourite black jeans and black sneakers, Anija also wears black jeans and sneakers.

  • chair bondage
  • ballgags
  • sneakers
  • jeans 

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