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Anija in 'Leotard Hogtie' - Video and Stills

2021-06-22Anija6:16 minutes and 31 imagesBondage, Hogtie

you know when you get to the end of the day and have run out of ideas for a shoot...then you just go back to basics, right? In the end it always turns out to be the best. Simple, hot badass model, plus skimpy leotard, plus sneakers, plus hogtie equals.....THIS!!!

Anija simply loves being tied up and struggling and in this set she gives it everthing. Rolling on the dirty attic floor Anija really looks fantastic.

  • rope
  • Leotardblouse
  • hogtie
  • sneakers
  • fishnets

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1002 Amber in Shiny Pants and Carolina TShirt

2021-06-13Amber Devine14:34 minutes and 65 imagesBondage, Rope Bondage, Shibari2021

Amber is wearing a fantastic outfit. THe shiny jeans are outstanding with white popsocks and a cool T. Just need to add some bondage for a perfect evening!

Snow in Red Sneakers

2021-06-08Snow5:29 minutes and 24 imagesBondage, Blonde, Damsel In Distress2021
Snow in Red Sneakers 0

Its that sofa again and Snow just loves getting tied and gagged. this time hogtied and ballgagged. Bliss.

Anija in No Laces

2021-06-01Anija6:46 minutes and 44 imagesBondage, Rope Bondage, Shoes2021
Anija in No Laces 0

Anija in her favourite sneakers, but they have no laces! 

Ruby in Jeans and Cuffs

2021-05-21Ruby Rubyov5:41 minutes and 39 imagesBondage, Shoes, Handcuffs
Ruby in Jeans and Cuffs 0

Ruby gets to work with some cuffs.

Anija v Katie - Part 1 - Video and Stills

2021-05-19Anija and Katie Danvers6:44 minutes and 46 imagesBondage, Damsel In Distress, Hogtie2021
Anija v Katie  - Part 1 - Video and Stills 0


So, after a few gremlins in the transfer system, here is the first part of Katie versus Anija in the attic.

Katie decides that what Anija needs to relieve the boredom is a good old fashioned hogtie. Katie goes to work and Anija loves it, especially when the gag is pushed in. But now where is Katie off to? that wasnt the deal....

  • ballgag
  • hogtie
  • sneakers
  • disco pants
  • table top
Katie, Jinx and Amber in '3 x Hogtie 0

It was a special day in AGB studios when three of the best new and rising stars of the fetish world came together for this shoot. So how do you start the day off? Well, Keep It Simple Stoopid, a simple three way hogtie, each with their own coloured rope and coloured ballgag, if only to stop them giggling. Fun! Did I mention TIMES 3!

  • 3 x Hogties
  • 3 x Tshirts
  • 3 x Shorts
  • 3 x Socks
  • 3 x Sneakers
  • 3 x Ropes
  • 3x Ballgags

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