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1035 Strawberry in Jeans and Turtleneck taped in the attic

2021-09-16Strawberry Flamehead6:52 minutes and 20 imagesBondage, Clip Request2021

Strawberry has some fun in the attic with some tape.

1068 Fetisha in White Skirt Chairtie

2021-09-09Fetisha7:30 minutes and 3 imagesBondage, Fetish

After gagging herself, Fetisha gets tied to a chair

Amber and the Green Chair

2021-09-08Amber Devine4:44 minutes and 51 imagesBondage2021

Amber is soooooo lazy. Does nothing but laze around looking hot. So, we thought seeing as she was wearing her ballet boots and not going anywhere anyway, we'd add a few ropes and a bandana to gag her and, well, see what happens. Amber is the no.1 escapologist at AGB, so we tried a chest harness wth arms behind, but will it be enough?

  • ballet boots
  • black socks
  • red bandana gag
  • chest harness
  • ropes 

Sally Scarfoot in Preppy Hogtie

2021-08-06Sally Scarfoot5:48 minutes and 60 imagesDamsel In Distress, Hogtie, Rope Bondage
Sally Scarfoot in Preppy Hogtie 0

Come say hello to our new recruit Sally. Getting straight into action wearing a preppy dress, socks and ropes and a gag.




1042 Amber and Roxie in Attic Chair Tie 0

Roxie wants to tie Amber to the chair. Amber is a proper brat and so this is just desserts for her actions. Cue the action. 

1057 Sweet in Tshirt and Socks hogtie

2021-07-225:41 minutes and 24 imagesClip Request, Damsel In Distress, Redhead
1057 Sweet in Tshirt and Socks hogtie 0

Keep it classic, keep it simple. Sweet in socks on the sofa tied up.

Tags: socks, bondage

1011 Princes in Tank top tied to a chair

2021-07-18Princess Rose11:24 minutes and 8 imagesBondage, Sweater Fetish, Tattoo
1011 Princes in Tank top tied to a chair 0

Princess gets tied to a chair in a tank top and shorts that show off her tattoos. 

Mia in Tie me Up PLease

2021-07-14Mia Valentine5:55 minutes and 52 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Milf2021
Mia in Tie me Up PLease 0

Ever wanted to hear what a lass from East Yorkshire sounds Mia is asking for a favour, tie me up please!

1007 Ermintrude in Catch me Games

2021-06-26Ermintrude De Havilland11:51 minutes and 58 imagesBondage, Role Play, Rope Bondage2021
1007 Ermintrude in Catch me Games 0

Ermintrude wants to play a game. How about you pretend to catch her. she will tell you what to do and let you know if youre doing it right.

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