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What Katie wont do for Tacos isnt worth doing. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, posh totty Katie loves roughing it in dirty attics and sneaking around in abandoned buildings. Naturally, this ends up with Katie meeting all sorts of undesireables and ne'er-do-wells who'd happily use her for ransom, leading to plenty of damsel-in-distress situations. 

Updates with Katie Danvers

Katie in 'All the rope' - Video 0
2020-03-25Katie Danvers7:20 minutes and 69 imagesBondage
Katie in 'All the rope' - Video
Katie having a ball 0
2020-01-07Katie Danvers4:51 minutes and 24 imagesBondage
Katie having a ball
3 and then 5 Tied 0
2019-11-28Amber Devine, Anija, Jessica Jones, Katie Danvers, and Roxie Monroe9:11 minutes and 42 imagesBondage
3 and then 5 Tied
Katie in Suit 0
2019-09-12Katie Danvers6:52 minutes and 28 imagesBondage, Rope Bondage
Katie in Suit
Katie in Jeans 0
2019-05-10Katie Danvers5:19 minutes and 52 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Foot Fetish
Katie in Jeans
Katie v Anija in the Attic part 2 - Video and Stills 0
2019-05-06Anija and Katie Danvers8:16 minutes and 15 imagesBondage
Katie v Anija in the Attic part 2 - Video and Stills